A Graceful Re-branding

Casino Aztar was an established brand for 17 years. In 2013, their executive team challenged Oswald to generate growth and excitement for the new Tropicana name, while not confusing their existing loyal customer base. In addition, they also challenged us to make the public aware of the numerous new entertainment options the updated Tropicana Evansville facilities provided. We accomplished this across several media and creative platforms, concentrating on specific regions of the Midwest. We established the new identity through a new logo treatment, tag line, music jingle, and high energy television and radio commercials. The result was a smooth name transition, increased traffic and revenue, and a broader reach.

Tropicana Evansville could not be happier with the quality of production and advertising services required for the re-branding project. Oswald’s talented staff flawlessly executed every step, from the initial planning stages to media placement. They understood both the message and look of the new Tropicana Evansville and exhibited limitless creativity and superior organizational skills in all areas of the rebranding process. Tropicana is very impressed with the original use of resources including modeling agencies, jingle and music companies, and video and audio production. Oswald Marketing is strongly recommended by Tropicana Evansville for all advertising and media needs.

Stacey McNeill

Director of Marketing at Tropicana

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