Promoting Wellness Initiatives



The Problem:

Oswald has been honored to partner with Toyota on a wide variety of projects, primarily out of our promotional products division. A prime example is Oswald’s help for Toyota’s monthly internal employee wellness initiatives like Heart Health, Cold & Flu Preparedness, Women’s Month, Family Health, and Cancer Awareness. To help celebrate these themes and raise awareness throughout their facilities, Toyota offers promotional products and apparel to their employees.

The Solution:

As these themes rotate year-to-year, the Toyota team relies on Oswald’s promotional department to present fresh, trendy promotional items to keep their employees engaged and aware of the topic at hand each month. In addition to promotional items, Oswald’s graphic design team helps to ensure that Toyota never has to reuse the same design on their employee t-shirts, custom hand sanitizers, or during their annual Fall Family Day event.

The Partnership

Toyota’s dedication to employee wellness and exceptional communication has kept us on our toes and helped to stretch our internal capabilities. in return makes you better at your job. I look forward to assisting Toyota with every opportunity they bring to Oswald.

I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate the outstanding customer service that Jessica provides us. Jessica has had some really good ideas for our on-going activity at the plant. She is very attentive, responsive and helpful. She is also very knowledgeable about your product line and is very interested in helping us find quality items that met our needs.
Thanks to you and your team.

Laura Kallrier

Health and Safety Assistant Manager
TOYOTA | Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana, Inc.

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