We hesitate to say ‘we’ve done it’, but more than likely we have.  We are blessed to have worked with numerous clients on an incredible variety of video projects.  We produce mid-range to very high end television commercials and work with our clients to determine the best creative strategy that works within their budget.  We write, produce, direct, and edit local and regional spots, as well as national commercials.  Under out Barefoot Productions umbrella, we also produce ‘first-run’ commercials for several Fortune 500 companies.

At Oswald, we regularly work with local and regional companies to produce various marketing videos, including product, web, training, and safety videos to name a few.  We have successful, long-standing relationships with our corporate clients, because we are fair priced and partner with them to find the best solutions for their corporate goals.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your commercial projects or corporate videos, please contact Fred McCool at fredm@oswaldmarketing.com.