Media Strategy and Placement

Creative With Strategy

We believe it requires resources, expertise, an intimate knowledge of market idiosyncrasies and strong media relationships to build successful campaigns for our clients. We monitor market conditions (including political and competitive) and how they affect inventory.  Our goal is to place your ads in the right place to get you the most ROI.  

Our Media Team

Competitive Advantage

We have a competitive advantage to ensure we are able to negotiate the best rates, secure effective promotions and deliver the maximum added value/bonus weight to our campaigns.

Media Accountability

We track buys through the entire schedule, including when it ends. We review all the media invoices to ensure all schedules are fulfilled and delivered. We verify that the client receives fair rotations by day and time and that the correct commercials aired. We also perform a post buy analysis to confirm the client receives the rating points guaranteed.

Targeting the Right Audience

We use up-to-date data to make sure that we are placing media in the right places for our customer’s target audience.   With our talented team of media buyers, we are able to get more for your advertising and marketing dollars. 

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