It requires expertise, resources, post-buy analysis and organization. At Oswald Marketing we offer all of this with more than 30 years of media buying experience on the local, regional and national level.

Today, there are so many options when it comes to getting your message out, from traditional media to ever increasing digital media options.  We stay on top of what is not only trending but what actually works. By using the latest technology and subscribing to the Neilsen and Arbitron ratings services, we can accurately pinpoint who your audience is, where to reach them and at what frequency to effectively deliver your message. Our close relationships with media outlets and buying power help us secure the best rates possible, allowing us to deliver cost-effective results.

The advantages to working with Oswald don’t end once the buy is placed – we also track and file all media buys so next month, next quarter or next year we can look back at what you ran, what it cost, the frequency you received and the people it reached. This allows us to adjust your marketing dollars and increase your media strategy’s overall effectiveness.


Social Media

Keeping up with what is hot and relevant in Social Media could make you ‘unlike’ your job.  That’s why we’re here.  Let us handle it.  We have some young, savvy  social marketers who know their stuff and keep you front and center.

If you think about the real reason “why” you really need to engage in social media it boils down to forming relevant relations and doing so the right way. Social media isn’t effective if you use it to simply “collect” people so you have large numbers. Collecting connections and followers is a numbers game and it is very easy to do so. However just collecting people doesn’t mean you are creating valuable relations that are relative and relevant to your business. In other words, Likes are not the goal – the ultimate goal is to engage your followers and get them to purchase your products and/ or use your services. We can help you do that.